Library at Healthville | A Naturecure Wellness Centre
nothing is pleasanter than exploring a library


When you absolutely positively have to gain knowledge, go to a library. At Healthville, our clients will receive access to a fully loaded library with best selling books around the globe for their knowledge gain and enjoyment.

Working hard to deliver the best quality

Not only the ayurvedic treatments, naturopathy diet, and yogic exercises, Healthville offers a best in class library with books ranging from topics in History, Business, Politics to literature on Naturopathic Lifestyle. Healthville boasts of its in-house publications under the banner of IHE Publications. The in-house publication of Healthville ranges on various topics of Naturopathy and aspects of leading a healthy lifestyle.

One can spend hours together at this well-lit air-conditioned library at Healthville and rejoice the feeling of reading and knowing more.

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7000+Patients fully recovered from their health ailments.
6000+People referred Healthville to their family and friends.
4000+Lifestyle changed towards the destination-e-health.