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Yoga Hall

With yoga practice, add years to your life and life to your years. Healthville has a modern and large yoga hall for clients’ yoga sessions. We also have certified and highly experienced yoga trainers to help clients learn, explore, and support with our professional yoga sessions.

What better than start your day with Morning Yoga!

Yoga is a very important part of the Naturopathic life. This age-old practice is one of the best known and currently widely accepted practice for nartural healing. At Heathville, we realize the need of a silent and peaceful ambience to do Yoga. We do realize the positive and serene vibes required to practice Yoga. Precisely, why we at Healthville have built a separate Yoga Hall with sound and water facilities to provide our people with a wonderful ambience for Yoga.

Yoga is an everyday morning routine at Healthville and it that part of the routine that can’t be missed. We also have an outdoor setup, more like an amphitheatre, where Surya Namaskar and other Asanas are done everyday right under the first rays of the sun. Here, you experience the one of a kind rejuvenating start to your morning.

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