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At Healthville, we understand your desire to live a healthy and full life. We strongly believe it shouldn’t hard to find the right answers for your health and wellness queries. We are here to support journey to optimal health with a holistic setting.


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The magnificent naturopathy wellness centre of Healthville not only offers a wonderful living environment but also stunning facilities which defines the true meaning of “Luxury Hospitality” for our guests. With the perfect blend of naturopathy treatments, luxury hospitality, and relaxation among the nature, guests at Healthville are going to experience the true joy of living that they will be proud to adore for reast of their lives. We take great pride in making each of our guests feel like they are in somewhere very special. Explore the Healthville’s world of bespoke opportunities and experience the oasis of health and wellness where you will discover the true goodness of life.

The Oasis of Tranquillity and Luxury

Swimming Pool

Nature Cycling


Indoor & Outdoor Activities

Floating Garden


Cardio Gym

Yoga Hall

Recreation Activities

Organic Farming


Reflexology Track

Colour Therapy House