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Weekend Wellness

Your search for a perfect weekend getaway to experience complete rejuvenation and wellness benefits ends here. Healthville’s Weekend Wellness Package will not only offer you a holistic health solution but delivers the perfect fun and luxury retreat to relax your mind, body, and soul.

weekend Wellness

Time to Empower Your Health and Heal at Healthville

Good health and wellness are defined by a multitude of factors. Environmental pollution, stress, trauma, unhealthy lifestyle, and ruinous diet are major contributing factors to the major illness and its progression. When you decide to combat these factors proactively and rejuvenate at the same time, you are taking the most crucial step towards a rewarding, wellness filled life. Excellent mental health, emotional health, and physical wellbeing can always be worked upon, and Team Healthville is here to help you with that.
To compensate and best suit the modern day, busy lifestyle, Healthville comes up with Weekend Wellness Packages where our guests can enjoy their perfect luxury getaway added with holistic, all-natural healthcare. As Eastern India’s No.1 holistic health retreat centre, we will help you reset your chakras, release the body toxins, stabilize your emotional wellbeing, and optimize your physical and mental wellbeing with help of naturopathy treatments, ayurvedic therapies, sattvic diet, yoga therapies, and a range of other nature cure treatments available at Healthville.

Treatments & Therapies Included in Our Weekend Wellness Package

Package Duration: 2 Days (Weekends Only)

NOTE: Treatments & Therapies, mentioned here as the package inclusion, may vary depending on the Health Checkup, Continuing Health Ailments, and Doctor Recommendation received for the guest.

Results to Experience After Completion of Our Weekend Wellness Package

Our Weekend Wellness Package Inclusion