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Weight Balance Retreat

Even a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Start your weight loss journey today with Healthville’s Weight Balance Retreat, an amazing combination of nature retreat, naturopathy treatment for weight loss, sattvic diet, and a lot more.

Weight Balance Retreat

Don’t Wish for It. Get Your Weight Loss Results with Healthville

An increase in body weight in relation to height is characterised as obesity, when compared to an acceptable or desired weight criterion. Calculating a person’s BMI, or Body Mass Index, involves dividing their weight by their height squared, which is known as their BMI. Weight gain can lead to a wide range of dangerous metabolic illnesses, such as high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease as well as gallbladder stones and musculoskeletal ailments including osteoarthritis and back discomfort.
In order to get to the bottom of your obesity, Healthville’s Weight Balance Retreat includes an in-depth naturopathy diagnosis. Naturopathy and Ayurvedic treatments are included in the package, which will result in considerable fat reduction in the body. Your weight gain and weight loss concerns will be eliminated and you will learn how to maintain a healthy body weight balance through behavioural adjustments, yoga asanas, pranayam, and nutritional changes in our 10 Day Weight Balance Package.

Treatments & Therapies Included in Our Weight Balance Retreat

Package Duration: 10 Days

NOTE: Treatments & Therapies, mentioned here as the package inclusion, may vary depending on the Health Checkup, Continuing Health Ailments, and Doctor Recommendation received for the guest.

Results to Experience After Completion of Our Weight Balance Retreat

Our Weight Balance Retreat Inclusion