Luxury Wellness Destination – Healthville Nature Cure Centre

Serving the
Art of Excellence

Healthville removes you far from your forever busy, polluted world into a fine establishment, energised by the magnificent views of nature, power of ancient techniques and sophistication of 21st century amenities. A splendid isolation with heavenly views and exclusive facilities is waiting for you.

Baikuntham - The Suite Stay

An Experience of Wellness and Luxury

Exclusive suite stay experience in a abundant space with luxury furniture and calming interior with pleasant views of mountains and greenery, Healthville’s Baikuntham setting is perfect for your body and mind to revitalize and reset. Our suite accommodation comes with exclusive guest perks, discreet attentive service, special therapeutic massages and naturopathy treatments, and a lot more. Get away from the crowd and experience a true moment of relaxation and serenity at Healthville.