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Nature Cure as such is not costly as no drugs are involve in treatment

by in News & Event October 3, 2020

However, since the prices of fruits, vegetables and juices are becoming costlier, the expenditure over diet of patients goes slightly towards higher side. Care is generally taken by physicians to prescribe seasonal, cheap and easily and locally available fruits and vegetables to poor patients instead of costly fruits so that he could easily afford the treatment. Otherwise also one should prefer for seasonal vegetables and fruits as Nature produces them in that particular season because they are needed and beneficial in that season. As for example Carrots and Guavas are plentily available in winter season so it may be used in large quantity in that season. Melons are available in summers. Why not consume them to kill the heat? Thirst? Nature is perfect in its arrangements. What is needed is to understand them.
One should not hesitate investment in right natural food items. It will not only cure ailment but also promote health. It will zero medical budget and promote efficiency for better earning.One who cares for health should also care for avoiding health harming foods. Those under Nature Cure treatment should specially care for it. Tea, Coffee, Bidi, Cigarette, Pan Masala, Zarda, Tobacco, Alcohol, Non-veg and such other things are highly harmful to health and they are strictly prohibited in Nature Cure therapy.

Naturopathy or Naturopathic Medicine is a relatively newly formalized system of medicine, amalgamating several older systems of medicine. Originally organized into an official profession. The term naturopathy literally means “nature pathology”, its creation based on the popular term Homeopathy, but inaccurately translated. In contrast, homeopathy means “similar pathology”, with its intention to mean “like cures like”. Unfortunately, at the time naturopathy was coined, the term stuck and has been used ever since. A more appropriate title would have been Nature Cure or Natural Medicine, which is less expensive.

A naturopathic doctor will take a detailed case history; perform appropriate physical exams; conduct relevant lab work; make a diagnosis; and prescribe a treatment, which may include acupuncture, herbs, homeopathic remedies, nutritional supplements or dietary changes, general lifestyle changes, spinal manipulation or hydrotherapy protocols.

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