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Naturopathy Tips to Reduce Your Anxiety Naturally

by in Blog, Health Tips August 16, 2022

Eighty-four percent of the Indian labour force believes that they have experienced more stress and anxiety at work this year than in previous years. In India, May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Keeping this theme in mind, let’s examine natural methods for preventing and reducing stress and anxiety.

All of us are aware that the long-term effects of stress and anxiety can be detrimental to our overall health and well-being. Our mind and body are compromised by anxiety and stress. They have internal effects on the body as well as external effects on our lifestyle, such as healthy eating, drinking, physical fitness, and sleep quality. In addition to headaches, mood swings, hair loss, and weight gain, many people experience internal body changes such as poor digestion, bloating, inflammation, and lowered immunity. Natural remedies can serve as a preventative healthcare modality and reduce stress and anxiety while boosting health and vitality.


Understanding Your Stress Reduces It!

For a healthy, balanced life, it is essential to address all stress factors. Most people equate stress with only emotional distress, which is not the case. Due to adversity, stress is the condition of excessive strain on the body. When a person cannot adapt to stressful situations, the body reacts negatively.
There are four principal forms of stress:
Physical Tension ​

Due to surgery, injury, exhaustion, pollution, hunger, substance abuse, and toxicity, your body experiences physical stress. In fact, any factor that interferes with your body’s normal and natural functions constitutes a source of physical stress.

Psychological Tension
Emotional factors are chiefly responsible for psychological stress. These include excessive anger or depression, harmful perceptions, high expectations, and being judgmental, among others. Other sources of stress include the need to control outcomes, information overload from the news/Internet, and anxiety brought on by excessive past and future ruminations.

Psychospiritual Tension
Psychospiritual stress results from a degree of dissatisfaction associated with spiritual beliefs. This includes inner conflict, unhealthy fasting, situations that contradict your core beliefs and values, breached moral boundaries, a religious crisis, and the ensuing social backlash.
Psychosocial Tension

Psychosocial stress can be caused by social challenges or stigma, any type of isolation, the loss of a loved one, financial difficulties, or social bullying.

Create and Maintain Balance in Your Body

  • Consume seasonal, fresh, nutrient-dense foods
  • Chew slowly; savour the flavour, aroma, texture, and feel of each meal.
  • Get sufficient quality sleep
  •  Incorporate physical activity into your life, such as yoga, dancing, walking, and hiking
  • Lavender aromatherapy oils and sprays are calming and balancing.
  • Eliminate caffeine and drink chamomile, dandelion, or an anti-inflammatory turmeric latte to improve digestion and calm overworked nerves.
  • Include nutritional supplements, such as Vitamin B, Vitamin C, and Iodine. Anxiety and stress are known to deplete essential minerals such as calcium, zinc, and magnesium, so it is best to take extra precautions during these times.
  • Adapt to eastern remedies such as naturopathy, massage, and acupuncture.
  • Stabilise your blood sugar to reduce your appetite.
  • Maintain your gut health.
  •  Manage Your Thoughts

Stress and anxiety are the results of a mind that requires more physical and mental conditioning. We must exercise our minds to keep them healthy, just as we exercise our bodies to keep them fit. Utilise regular breathwork to calm the mind, such as pranayama.

Ø  Develop a positive mental attitude.

Ø  Journal – Recognize and catalogue your sources of stress, anxiety, and worry.

Ø  Learn skills for better managing your thoughts and emotions.

Ø  Daily Practice of Gratitude and Forgiveness.

Ø  Meditate daily – research demonstrates that regular meditation practices can alter neurochemistry.

Ø  Employ mindful relaxation methods such as PMR (Progressive Muscular Relaxation).

Ø  Invest in hobbies that bring you pleasure, such as reading, gardening, and art-making.

Ø  Spend time with like-minded, uplifting, and happy people.

Ø  Engage in daily spiritual practices, such as listening to discourses, meditating on divine truths, and other spiritual activities.

We can only manage stress and anxiety effectively if we take the initiative to do something about it. In addition to preparing our bodies for stress and anxiety, we must also prepare our minds for what lies ahead.

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