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Revitalize Your Body with an Ayurvedic Staycation

by in Ayurvedic Treatments, Blog September 13, 2022

Therapeutic Massages are incredible, but which style of massage gives you the chills? There are numerous varieties of massages, each of which is distinct. Do you desire something slightly unpleasant (but in a good manner), such as a deep tissue massage? Or perhaps a more tissue-repair-oriented, training-friendly massage, such as you would receive during a Healthville ayurvedic treatment? The majority of Ayurvedic centres give traditional Ayurvedic therapies for total body detoxification.
Odisha, a state renowned for its natural beauty, culture, and Ayurveda, specialises in body therapeutic massage therapy. Ayurvedic massage is an all-encompassing therapeutic method that promotes holistic health. Certain Ayurvedic massages are said to improve healthier sleep patterns and keep the body clear of toxins and diseases when done consistently. In addition to being healthy, it also nourishes your skin. The treatment leaves the skin revitalised and beautiful.


We all are seeking activities that will help us decrease stress and tension today more than ever. Shirodhara is a combination of two Sanskrit words, ‘Shiro’ (head) and ‘Dhara’ (liquid). During a Shirodhara treatment, you will be asked to lie down while the oil of your choice is poured into your forehead. This oil might be a mixture of oil and herbs, or it could be pure water. This liquid slowly drips from your eyebrows to your forehead. Your eyes have been covered with a small cloth to protect them. Before or after the treatment, a scalp, body, or head massage is administered.


The impact of the liquids poured on the forehead penetrates the nerves and reaches the brain, resulting in a soothing effect on the head muscles. This aids in the treatment of illnesses such as sleeplessness and hypertension by relaxing the hypothalamus. It is believed that the massage component of the therapy lowers serotonin levels, which relaxes the mind and relieves stress. Ayurveda, one of the oldest therapeutic systems in the world, has made its mark on every corner of the globe. 

Numerous individuals who have tried massage claim to have obtained long-term relief from digestive disorders, obesity, anxiety, sadness, stress, skin infections, and doshas.


Abhyanga, also known as oil massage, is an Ayurvedic method that provides physical benefits such as reduced muscle stiffness, lymphatic drainage, and more hydrated skin from head to toe. It differs from typical massages in that it concentrates on the skin rather than the body’s muscles, and the oils used for circulation-stimulating techniques are similar to those used for face massages. Your therapist’s primary objective is to provide you with a truly soothing experience, and in India, the practice is closely associated with the concept of self-care.

In contrast to a standard Swedish massage, an Ayurvedic massage involves the use of rare essential oils and focuses on crucial energy points in the body. In addition, don’t expect a lot of actual massages; the therapy concentrates on regulating your energy fields and releasing mental baggage rather than working out muscle knots. To enjoy an Abhyanga massage, you don’t need to be an Ayurvedic specialist, but you should be open-minded about what you hope to achieve. It will leave you with a glow and a deep sense of relaxation, enticing you to return for more.


In this kind of massage, the heated massage oil is contained in a vessel called a Kindi. This vessel is positioned several inches above the body of the massage recipient. The utilisation of a certain medicinal oil is entirely based on the patient’s health. The oil and massage generate heat, which induces perspiration, which is necessary for Vata Dosha balance.

In this treatment, professional therapists apply lukewarm herbal oils to the entire body in a unique rhythmic fashion for around 60 to 90 minutes per day for 7 to 21 days. This massage is particularly useful for Rheumatic conditions such as Arthritis, Paralysis, Sexual Weakness, Nervous Weakness, and Nervous Disorders, among others. Ayurvedic treatments at Healthville provide packages that enable you to plan a staycation to enjoy Pizhichil and depart feeling rejuvenated.

In contrast to conventional medical treatments, ayurvedic therapies at Healthville provide long-term benefits by balancing the body’s and mind’s energies, leaving the body feeling energised and at peace throughout the day. Additionally, it has no negative side effects and is harmless over the long term. Explore the many ayurvedic and naturopathic treatments at the Healthville wellness centre and maximise your holiday.

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